OpenLogReplicator 1.0.0 released

OpenLogReplicator can be fine-tuned over and over. Still something would to be imperfect. Some code might not be optimal and need refactor. Another feature might be recognised as super important and a must-have. This will never end. Still, after over 4 years of fixing bugs and constant development, the time has come to confirm that …

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Is OpenLogReplicator ready for production usage?

This is the question I hear very often. I think many people would like to hear a straight answer for this question. The reality is not possible to give a good answer. You might be surprised but, even though version 1.0 is not yet released, OpenLogReplicator is already used in production systems. Yet might be not feasible for everybody to use.

Oracle database log-based CDC on Raspberry PI

The task here is just to run native replication solution directly on Raspberry PI hardware. No emulators, no workarounds, no cheating. Let’s find out what is the redo log processing speed. The key to this approach is using OpenLogReplicator as CDC engine and it’s offline mode. With this mode you can read redo logs without …

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Oracle database: replicating objects from SYS schema

One of the most confusing with Oracle replication tools is the inability to track changes of tables owned by SYS, SYSTEM or CTXSYS. Many system tables are internally using cluster type. Since the latest version OpenLogReplicator supports cluster tables it is now possible track also tables in SYS schema and send changes as events to …

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OpenLogReplicator – replication latency

Replication latency is one of the key indicators of good replication. When I started working on OpenLogReplicator one of my key tasks was to keep the latency as low as possible. What does that mean? When a client commits a transaction and the database confirms that the transaction is committed – it means that the …

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OpenLogReplicator – CDC replication from Oracle to Redis

OpenLogReplicator – the first open-source transaction replicator (CDC) to Kafka now supports also Redis as a target. Check the new released version 0.0.3 (compiled for x86_64). It requires additionally the hiredis library To run: Testing with Redis: Redis: All transactions are replicated with consistency (MULTI/EXEC). Enjoy!

OpenLogReplicator – first log-based open source Oracle to Kafka CDC replication

I have figured out that writing about somebody else’s software is boring. Why not create your own. So here it is: All code GPL v.3 Just C++ code – absolutely no Java/Python or any other interpreted language Purely reading Oracle Redo Log from disk – zero additional load to the database instance High performance architecture …

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