Oracle GoldenGate – using Unique Index instead of Primary Key

Oracle GoldenGate Replicat process requires somehow to identify replicated records. When an UPDATE or DELETE command is replicated the Replicat process needs somehow to identify the row that has to be modified. The obvious solution is to use a PRIMARY KEY on the target table to avoid scanning the whole table to find the row. But what about UNIQUE INDEX? Let’s find out.


Preventing archive log deletion before being processed by Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate just like Oracle Streams has a mechanism of preventing archive logs from being deleted before they are processed.

This mechanism is supported both in Classic and Integrated Extract mode. Although the latter one offers more functionality and control. This article brings in dept analysis what is happening in the database. (more…)

Oracle GoldenGate documentation WGET download scripts

The documentation for Oracle GoldenGate is a bit tricky to locate. Manuals for older versions of the software are hidden and after downloading the PDF files the file names are not very easy to use.

I have created a series of Linux Bash scripts for WGET to download the documentation in PDF format and rename the files in more easy to use fashion. (more…)