Oracle redo log format community documentation

The format is proprietary and there is no public official document which would describe the structure. Here is a brief summary of various sources which are publicly available. One might think that there is very little information available, but that’s not true. This is a list I have made in the past when I was …

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logdump output errors for tables with ROWDEPENDENCIES

Every Oracle database user assumes that the output of the logdump command should provide a valid output. During testing of OpenLogReplicator I came across something strange. It appears that the output of OpenLogReplicator logdump mode is better than the original output of Oracle database logdump command. Maybe I am wrong? Let’s create a test scenario …

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OpenLogReplicator – logdump functionality

A side product of OpenLogReplicator is the ability to create logs which are in a very simular form as the logdump command from Oracle database. To create such dump you need to configure parameter in the OpenLogReplicator CFG file. There are 2 allowed values: create classic ‘logdump’ output create classic ‘logdump’ output enhanced with interpretation …

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OpenLogReplicator – chained row support

The OpenLogReplicator with the new release 0.2.0 has been extended to support chained rows. A chained row can appear when there is a bigger DML operation or the table uses more than 254 columns. This is an example of a table which uses 1000 columns. The table definition is: CFG definition file of OpenLogReplicator contains …

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OpenLogReplicator – Insert multiple rows (OP 11.11)

The OpenLogReplicator has been extended to support also OP code 11.11 – Insert Multiple Rows. This type of redo record is used when an INSERT is used with a set of rows to be inserted. For example with INSERT … SELECT … . Here is an example of usage. Let’s create a table: CREATE TABLE …

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OpenLogReplicator – CDC replication from Oracle to Redis

OpenLogReplicator – the first open-source transaction replicator (CDC) to Kafka now supports also Redis as a target. Check the new released version 0.0.3 (compiled for x86_64). It requires additionally the hiredis library To run: Testing with Redis: Redis: All transactions are replicated with consistency (MULTI/EXEC). Enjoy!