OpenLogReplicator 1.0.0 released

OpenLogReplicator can be fine-tuned over and over. Still something would to be imperfect. Some code might not be optimal and need refactor. Another feature might be recognised as super important and a must-have.

This will never end.

Still, after over 4 years of fixing bugs and constant development, the time has come to confirm that the project has reached at least a point, when:

  1. The program is already being used in production environment – and looks stable
  2. The basic functionality is more or less covered
  3. There are no known bugs
  4. There is no reason for another refactor

Of course, the documentation suffers on the day of the release. There is always not enough time for all and this would not justify to delay the release of first version.

Thus, today I am announcing version 1.0.0. This means an invitation for everybody for testing in their environment and submitting bugs. This really means that I not able to find a case when it fails, crashes, leaks memory or produces incorrect output.

Please mind that this project is not a source of income for the author and is developed in free time. If you feel that the community needs this project, please make a donation.

I’m waiting for your feedback!

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