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Oracle GoldenGate point in time source database recovery

Even though you would like to secure the database from any disaster with HA, still it might happen that the database gets corrupted and a recovery from backup is needed to recover the database. In a critical scenario you might need to use Point In Time Recovery (PITR).

Let’s focus on a scenario when the source database needs to be recovered from backup to an earlier point in time. How to resync a replication to the target  database  without the need of a  full initial load?


Oracle GoldenGate Coordinated Replicat unsynchronized mode troubleshooting

According to the Oracle GoldenGate Coordinated Replicat documentation if the Replicat is stopped in an unclean manner the threads may be unsynchronized. Different threads may reach different checkpoint positions.

Let’s find out what what might be the consequences of this situation.


Oracle GoldenGate Classic Replicat checkpointing

One of the key aspects for replication is checkpointing. A target database checkpoint tells which transactions are actually committed and which not yet. This is a key aspect of transactional replication. Let’s look how that works for the Oracle GoldenGate Classic Replicat.