If you are using OpenLogReplicator in your production environment – please report this to the author. It is always good to know, that other people appreciate your work.

Bug reporting

Before submitting a bug – please check if this bug still exists when you are using the latest version of code. Please mind that it might have been reported earlier by somebody else and is already fixed.

If you have encountered any problem – please report to the author. Make sure your bug reports includes:

  • OpenLogReplicator.json – configuration file (with removed login information),
  • <database>-chkpt.json – checkpoint file,
  • <database>-schema.json – schema file,
  • error log with error message (output from stderr),
  • database redo log which is causing problems.

Having the redo log file allows to reproduce the problem and make a detailed analysis. It is the best way to create a patch fixing the issue. Please do not send any redo log with actual customer data or containing any personal data – which would make this a subject of GDPR or any similar law.

Production support and assistance

If you require any assistance in production environment or would like to make a POC with OpenLogReplicator – please contact the author using the contact form.