OpenLogReplicator is free software, hosted on github, licensed on GPL v.3 created and maintained by Adam Leszczyński.

It is created to allow everybody log-based replication (CDC, streaming) from Oracle Database to Kafka with minimal impact on the source database. The code is written completely in C++ to allow best performance. The architecture of the program allows to achieve minimal impact on the source database. It also has a low memory footprint – it allocates just the amount of memory which is needed to keep processed transactions.

Currently the code of the program is in stable state and is ready for testing, list of open issues is maintained by github. A Beta version is planned to be released soon. Documentation is in process if being created. Please mind that till version 1.0 is going to be release the documentation is a subject of contiguous change. Tutorials are in process of creation too.

The current documentation contains the following chapters:

Stay tuned for more updates and news. Interesting updates are usually announced on twitter.

If you are using the program in production – please send feedback the author.