Many hours have so far been spent to create OpenLogReplicator. And still this is just the beginning and so little is done. If you believe this project should be continued and would to make a contribution to the project – please contact the author.


Help is needed to find bugs and test OpenLogReplicator in various different environments. All bugs that are reported will be analyzed. Any support in increasing code stability is welcome. The best testing environments are real use scenarios in production. If you can use OpenLogReplicator in your environment and allow it to work with real data – that would be a best scenario. The more people are using the tool – the better it becomes.


Please help promoting OpenLogReplicator by sharing the information about it with others. Mention it in your blog, or in social media. This way you can help building high quality open source tools. If you have a github account – please add a star to the OpenLogReplicator project.