What is Oracle GoldenGate Extract writing to the trail file (OGG 11.2)

In one of my previous posts I have made a detailed analysis about supplemental logging in the database that is a result of ADD TRANDATA command from OGG. Apart of what is written to the redo log it is another subject of what is read from the redo log by OGG and written to the trail file.

In a series of articles I am about do analyze what can be done by the Extract process and how different parameters affect the result. I’m starting with OGG 11.2.


Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 traces CPU count on source databases

Oracle licenses GoldenGate based on the CPU count of the source database that is replicated. Starting from version 12.3 of OGG the Extract process logs in the error log the information about cores on the sources. (more…)

Oracle GoldenGate – errors during jagent configuration

The documentation of Oracle GoldenGate 12.2 does not mention it explicitly: before you start running the instance make sure that you have a Java environment correct & running. If not – you may later run into some strange errors which are difficult to solve. They will happen if the Java environment is set up correctly. This article is about one of those errors.


Oracle GoldenGate replication + AES encryption on the fly – part 1 of 2

Let’s consider a poor man’s data encryption in the database. We’ll use AES128 CBC algorithm to encrypt the data. The application is written in such way that it can encrypt/decrypt the data while doing database operations. This solution is license free, works with no additional database licenses. A new requirement has arrived – the data must be replicated to the target database, which does not use any encryption. The replication and decryption would be performed by Oracle GoldenGate. Let’s see how this can be done and what is the overhead of the decryption process. (more…)