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Oracle GoldenGate Parallel Internals – my presentation from POUG 2018

Oracle GoldenGate Replicat Checkpoint table

In one of my previous posts I have described the rationale for using a checkpoint table in the Replicat process. This is a summary of all possible combinations of Replicat process and which of them are able of (not) using checkpoint table.


Oracle GoldenGate Integrated Replicat and NOSCHEDULINGCOLS

According to the documentation it is not allowed to use NOSCHEDULINGCOLS with ADD TRANDATA when you would use Integrated Replicat. Why would Oracle care for that? Let’s find out what can happen if you don’t apply the rules.


How Oracle GoldenGate Replicat handles Foreign Key Constraints

According to the Oracle database documentation there are two types of constraints: DEFERRED and NOT DEFERRED. The first one can be evaluated at the and of the transaction, and the second one if validated immediately. On the other hand Oracle GoldenGate can handle the replication when the target uses both of them. Let’s find out how this works. (more…)