OpenLogReplicator – CDC replication from Oracle to Redis

OpenLogReplicator – the first open-source transaction replicator (CDC) to Kafka now supports also Redis as a target.

Check the new released version 0.0.3 (compiled for x86_64). It requires additionally the hiredis library

To run:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/oracle/instantclient_11_2:/usr/local/lib:/opt/hiredis

Testing with Redis:

create table adam5(a numeric, b number(10), c number(10, 2), d char(10), e varchar2(10), f timestamp, g date);
alter table adam5 add constraint idx1 primary key(a);

insert into adam5 values(100, 999, 10.22, 'xxx', 'yyy', sysdate, null);
insert into adam5 values(101, 999, 10.22, 'xxx', 'yyy', sysdate, null);
insert into adam5 values(102, 999, 10.22, 'xxx', 'yyy', sysdate, null);
insert into adam5 values(103, 999, 10.22, 'xxx', 'yyy', sysdate, null);

Redis:> KEYS *
1) "SYSTEM.ADAM5.\"100\""
2) "SYSTEM.ADAM5.\"103\""
3) "SYSTEM.ADAM5.\"101\""
4) "SYSTEM.ADAM5.\"102\""> GET "SYSTEM.ADAM5.\"100\""
"\"100\",\"999\",\"10.22\",\"xxx       \",\"yyy\",\"2019-01-05T11:21:54\",NULL"

All transactions are replicated with consistency (MULTI/EXEC).


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