Unsupported features

This is the list of features that are currently not supported by OpenLogReplicator:

  • RAC database;
  • INSERT … /* +APPEND */ support;
  • Compressed tables;
  • Encrypted tables;
  • IOT tables;
  • DDL operations performed when replication is active, including TRUNCATE TABLE;
  • BLOB/CLOB, LONG, custom types;
  • Filtering DML operations based on condition;
  • Multiple arch threads.

Some of those features may be implemented in next version of program.

Features that are most likely not going to be implemented are:

  • Database version support for 11.1, 10g, 9i, 8i, and earlier – those versions are used too rarely;
  • Initial data load – there are already good tools for that,
  • Sending to other target than Kafka, aggregating functions, etc. – you can achieve that using Kafka.