Unsupported features

This is the list of features that are currently not supported by OpenLogReplicator.

Simple functionality missing which is nice to have but requires much time to code/test:

  • swap big transactions to disk when low memory,
  • cache long running transactions to disk – so that after restart there would be no need to start reading from very old redo log file,
  • ability to start with any point in time history – this requires reverse redo log scan to rebuild schema image in the past,
  • blob/clob/long raw support (also stored as BLOB/CLOB with option MAX_STRING_SIZE=EXTENDED) – including ability to swap very big CLOB data to disk in case of memory limit,
  • reading from ASM – read directly from disk devices based on mapping information from ASM, support handling ASM events like disk re-balance,
  • direct insert support (insert /*+append */) – requires ability to fully parse data disk blocks,
  • tracking of redo log configuration changes – add redo log files/redo log groups,
  • track changes of system parameters to be able to survive DBA actions if somebody enables/disables replication options,
  • fully support standby/resetlogs scenarios – database new incarnation, switch to standby, etc.,
  • adding new schema to replication without restart – dynamic config reload, ability to start with any given SCN,
  • marking redo log files so that they are not deleted by Oracle (like Streams does it),
  • small agent for Windows/Linux/Solaris/AIX OS that just reads redo log files and sends by network to other host where OpenLogReplicator is running,
  • support for Oracle wallet (so that no passwords are stored in plain text in config file),
  • filtering rows for replication based on simple conditions (if you need to replicate just rows that need some conditions),
  • multiple redo log threads support,
  • survive upgrade database, apply patch sets or any other DBA activity,
  • support to run with HA – using Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc.,

Complex functionality that is missing which requires a lot of work is:

  • RAC support,
  • Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11.1 support,
  • read compressed columns,
  • read encrypted columns,
  • read IOT tables,
  • use parallel redo log parsing.