Program parameters

OpenLogReplicator program is non-interactive and accepts no parameters given from command line.

All parameters are defined in OpenLogReplicator.json file which should be placed in the same directory. The file should be in JSON format. For start OpenLogReplicator.json.example.* files are provided to get a feeling which parameters are accepted. Please refer to full parameters list for more details.

All output messages are sent to stderr stream. Optionally JSON output can be sent to stdout stream when test parameter is set to a non zero value .

Run permissions

In some interval (defined by checkpoint-interval parameter, by default: every 10s) and additionaly during shut down, the program writes a checkpoint file which contain information about the last processed transaction (sent to Kafka output).

OpenLogReplicator should have write permissions in the current directory to write to <database>-chkpt.json and to checkpoint folder do create files like <database>-schema-<scn>.json or checkpoint/<database>-chkpt-<scn>.json files. <database> is the database name defined in OpenLogReplicator.json file and <scn> is some SCN number.